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Audio/Mp3 Links
It is vital to understand that has no control of the content you may access via links provided from the search engines. The content of links provided from is determined solely by other parties. These parties have no affiliation with and are alone responsible for the content of the files they place available for public download on the Internet. Before downloading any file, you understand that all the links provided by are all on other servers, and only have links to those servers.

Meta Search Engine
It's very important to differentiate between two kinds of search engines; one is a database assisted search engine, the case when a site has a database of LINKS and when a visitor searches it goes through the database and picks the proper results and display the results in the browser, the other one is a meta search engine which is the case of that the site has NO database of links and NO other related content to the audio/mp3 files, but only some other servers for obtaining AUDIO/MP3 LINKS which are neither located in a database nor in our servers physically.

Information concerning copyright infringement claims scans servers on the Internet for multimedia files, which you may locate and read about, through our search engine results. The search results interface contains links to other Web sites. neither controls nor endorses such other Web sites, nor reviews or approves any content appearing on them. does not assume any responsibility or liability for any materials available at these Web sites, or for the completeness, availability, accuracy, legality or decency of these sites.

Getting content taken down
If you are a content owner and wish to have content taken down, the best course of action is to contact the site hosting the infringing file. ( does NOT host any file). This means all links on the world wide web to that particular file will be "dead" which saves you the trouble of contacting each and every site linking to that file. We do respect DMCA law too.


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